About the BSFA

About the BSFA

The BSFA was founded by a group of fans in 1958, and was soon established and run as an official national body by readers, authors, booksellers and publishers with the aim of appreciating and promoting science fiction in every form. Many famous authors, critics, editors and publishers have been members through its history and many more continue to be today. Being a member of the BSFA puts you in touch with like-minded people across the country and beyond; whilst linking you to a rich tradition and enabling you to contribute to a vibrant future.

If you want to know who currently runs the BSFA look here and a more complete history of the BSFA's early days can be found here.

What does the BSFA do?

The BSFA does lots of things, here are some of them:

  • We hold eleven monthly author interviews in London each year, eleven!!!
  • We run the BSFA Awards, Britain's longest running SF Award, and award individual prizes for:
    • Best Novel
    • Best Short Story
    • Best Non-Fiction
    • Best Artwork
  • We run several Online Writing Groups called Orbiter groups, for new & established writers
  • We produce publications including:
    • Vector, our critical journal, filled with articles, interviews, and other features
    • Focus, our magazine for writers
    • The BSFA Review, filled with reviews of genre fiction (and occasionally nonfiction)
  • We publish other occasional publications as and when our budget allows...

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